Who we are
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Who we are and what we do Established   in   1998,   by   Doug   Senior,   DMS   Property   Maintenance   continues   to   be   a   successful   family   run   business   specialising   in   all   areas   of   property   care.   Joined   by   daughter Fiona   Senior   originally   working   “on   the   tools”   developing   the   most   efficient   procedures   throughout   all   departments   /   services   within   the   company,   now   Managing   director Fiona manages the company in its entirety ensuring sustainability of the company. Our   clients   include   Housing   Associations,   Councils,   charities,      Estate   &   Lettings   Agents   and   Private   Landlords,   Facilities   &   Estates   Management   companies,   as   well   as   Home Owners in the local community. We operate throughout Kent and the South East, offering our services to both large organisations and individuals.

What makes us different

First   did   you   know:   We   sponsor   local   clubs,   work   for   a   significantly      reduced   rate   for   charities,   pay   far   above   the   minimum   wage   and   price   regular   works   based   on   a   fair   service charge.   We   are   a   successful   and   reliable   contractor   and   during   the   past   20   years   of   service,   we   are   proud   to   have   maintained   a   99.9%   customer   satisfaction   record   during   this time.   We   are   able   to   provide   a   truly   flexible   service,   tailoring   every   job   to   the   client’s   individual   needs   and   requirements.   Our   state   of   the   art   contract   management   and   delivery tools   ensure   DMS   are   kept   up   to   date   at   all   times   ensuring   we   are   able   to   adapt   quickly   and   efficiently   as   required.   We   operate   a   bespoke      in-house   contract   and   project management   tool,   “Job   Flow”,   which   provides   electronic   processes   for   the   allocation   of   work   including   detailed   steps   to   gather   all   project   /   contract   related   information   and   the appropriate   responses   required.   This   in   turn   provides   the   project   management   teams   with   full   task,   job,   works,   and   contract   visibility   ensuring   that   we   maintain   the   most effective   deployment   of   resources   and   dynamic   responses   to   contract   variations.   Site   teams   are   issued   with   state   of   the   art   handheld   devices   that   feedback   directly   into   these computerized   systems.   We   hold   Monthly   Contract   Review   /   Progress   Review   Meetings   attended   by   the   Directors,   reviewing   and   recording   full   contract   performance   reviews and   identifying   specific   needs   of   the   teams   or   any   adjustments   in   working   practices.   We   employ   local   people   generating   employment   throughout   Kent.   We   invest   time   and training   in   our   employees,   to   create   a   wider   range   of   opportunities   for   themselves   and   the   company.   Our   aim   is   to   also   provide   opportunities   for   young   people   by   way   of apprenticeships and a high percentage of our employees are First Aid certified, to help ensure the welfare of themselves and colleagues in any working environment. We are now proud sponsors of Hythe Football Club Under 13’s team.

We are here to help

· Our   Vision   is   to   help   create   and   maintain   welcoming   safe   environments,   to   save   you   time,   provide   you   with   high   quality   services   and   complete   projects   in   a   timely professional   manner,   creating   real   value   for   money.   The   combination   of   good   management   and   quality   control,   training   and   investing   in   our   employees   has   proven   us successful within our industry and enables us to deliver the high quality, professional, reliable services in which we are dedicated to providing.