Having been a leading provider to a large Housing Association in the South East for the last 14 years.

Client Type:

Registered Social Landlord / Private Lettings

Services provided:

Start Date:

March 1998

Over the course of our 14 years service, DMS have set very high standards of work which both the property Managers and Occupants have been extremely happy with. Our approval rating on this contract to date has been 100%. The scope of services provided includes:

Property Repairs

  • All Repairs to both Social and Private housing throughout the South East in homes and communal areas
  • The installation of aids to social housing properties to help tenants with special need
  • Void complete redecorations
  • Fencing renewal / repair
  • Drainage


  • Regular communal cleaning to over 200 blocks of flats both Social and Private ownership
  • One off Cleans / Deep Cleans / Sparkle Cleans
  • Void Cleans

Grounds Care

  • Regular gardening to public areas of over 80 sites inc blocks of flats to both Social and Private housing including two estates
  • Gardening to private gardens
  • Clearance and removal of overgrown vegetation


  • Caretaking services to 5 large Housing Estates throughout Kent
  • To over 200 blocks of flats
  • Caretaking is inclusive of Litter-picking, Street and Gully Cleaning

Throughout our work on this contract communication has been the key to our success. Both Housing Managers and Tenants are communicated with regularly regarding all areas of our works. All our teams are trained in carrying out visual maintenance checks while on any site, especially sites with communal or public areas and reporting to DMS management.

These inspections are to help maintain a safe environment for all occupants and to help prevent any issues or incidents occurring. Following these visual checks or an inspection from our management team, Housing managers are contacted immediately with a full report of our findings including an assessment of the works required. This enables us to save housing managers time and money, cost can often be reduced when an issue is highlighted early on rather than allowing further deterioration leading to more costly works.

Housing Managers contact us on a daily basis via telephone or email to request quotations or works to be carried out. Quotations for regular cleaning, caretaking, gardening or repairs are carried out swiftly with a full quotation emailed over to them by the following working day.

Once a quotation has been accepted the regular jobs re cleaning, caretaking and gardening these are booked into a regular roster with a dedicated team leader and operatives to control allowing the tenants to build a rapport with their dedicated team which is vital as they will be entering their home environment which we believe includes communal and public areas.

Evidence sheets are displayed within the communal areas to provide tenants with our information and for our teams to complete and sign as a record of attendance. DMS Managers carry out inspections following works on these areas to ensure high standards are maintained. Housing managers are provided with the exact dates / times of attendance.

On receiving a repairs works order an immediate booking is made. If tenanted we will contact the tenant to agree a mutual date and time, naming the repairs team leader who will be attending, Housing Managers are informed of a completion date.

Where void works are required access is arranged and works booked in to complete within 10 working days though usually completed within 5 days again Managers are informed of the exact completion date. All void works are then deep cleaned ready for immediate letting creating a greater volume of void turn over.

DMS is registered with the Environment Agency to enable us to dispose of rubbish following clearance of excess rubbish from bin area and void clearances. Our weed killer is non harmful to humans, animals and aquatic life allowing us to keep areas / estates clear of unwanted growth. Grounds maintenance equipment / processes have been purchased / implemented to help the environment including mowers with mulching facilities enabling us to put nutrients back into the ground maintaining new growth.

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